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Message From The Chairman

Human Capital Development moves to assume a pivotal role in helping organizations to achieve a competitive advantage in the turbulent era ahead. In this context, an innovative and revolutionary approach in training and development of this profession to take up the challenges ahead is considered as one of the vital areas that need to be addressed at this hour.

The Hospitality Training Skills' Development function is increasingly being called upon to assume more strategic orientation to drive success. In this context, this asset needs to be developed and trained to think critically, strategically and independently to achieve organizational success.

The 21st century need is the availability of human capital, with an ability to recognize change and / or initiate change proactively to maintain the competitive edge. This has to be carefully tackled by way of training and development of this profession.

The Nation's leader in Hospitality Training Skills' Development, RICA has diagnosed this need and carried out careful analysis and a methodical approach

when designing its core curriculum to suit the ever changing business environment. RICA has produced many professionals in this field to take up the challenging positions locally and internationally, and will continue to do so in the years ahead.

RICA formal study programmes pave the way for many individuals to become professionals in the field of Hospitality Training Skills' Development, and many organizations benefited by its tailor made programmes that suit their needs.

RICA looks forward to serve the Nation in a more aggressive manner in developing and training of professionals in the years ahead. This prospectus gives comprehensive details in this context and we look forward to your participation in RICA study programmes.

W.W.D.F.M. Riency
Remarko Institute Of Culinary Arts (Rica)